Mom, are you just going through the motions…

 Are you so busy taking care of others, tending to other responsibilities or work schedules, and serving in the ministry that you constantly feel tired, weak, sick, or burnt out? Pretty soon it will get hard or impossible to take care of others, if you don't take the time to take care of yourself  first. It's like that oxygen mask, You can't help anyone if you're dying or running out of air. Put your oxygen mask on first! Come and learn more about the Forgotten Ministry. Where spirituality and our physical health intersect to encourage healthy and whole lives in Christ, so that we can serve others well and live a more productive and full life as God intended.
Healthcoaching, weightloss, hormonal balance
"Michelle helped me realize how important self care is. As women we wear lots of hats and self care is often ignored. Self care is so important so you can be your best because you are worth it!"
- J.S.

"Michelle has given me the knowledge, tools, and encouragement necessary to set and achieve my physical goals in a healthy and sustainable way."
- Ashley Hardcastle

Michelle Hartgraves, BNS
Certified Health Coach
Public Speaker